Biology | Medical Microbiology Laboratory
M440 | 1440 | Winkler, M

Course Format: Lecture: 2:30-3:20, MWF, JH A106.

Prerequisites: L211, M250, and M255.

Course description. Bacterial pathogenesis and antibiotic chemotherapy
will be covered in detail. Emphasis will be placed on the molecular
bases and mechanisms underlying bacterial diseases and the mechanisms
of action of and development of resistance to antibiotics used to
treat these diseases. The course will present current fundamental
concepts in these areas as well as draw on more traditional medical
microbiology sources.

Required texts: “Bacterial Pathogenesis: A Molecular Approach” by A.A.
Salyers and D. D. Whitt and “Antibiotics: Actions, Origins, and
Resistance” by C. Walsh. Reference will be made to several other
texts, such as “Principles of Bacterial Pathogenesis” edited by E. A.
Groisman and Mandell, Douglas, and Bennett’s “Principles and Practice
of Infectious Diseases.”

Weekly assignments: Reading for lectures. Discussions of material.

Exams/Papers: Four examinations, each covering 25% of the material in
the course. Occasional quizzes may be given.