Biology | Microbial & Molecular Genetics
M480 | 1442 | Foster, P

Course Format: Lecture: 9:30A-10:45A, TR, JH 440.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with basic concepts of microbiology,
genetics, and molecular biology as covered in Biol L211, M250 and M255.

Course Description: Molecular genetics of bacteria and their viruses.
Fundamental cellular processes such as gene regulation, recombination,
DNA repair, DNA replication, and mutagenesis will be reviewed. Topics
include: the transmission of genetic material by conjugation,
transduction, and transformation; genetic techniques such as mapping,
cloning, and sequencing, and, the molecular techniques used to analyze
cellular processes. Discussion sections will cover contemporary and
classic papers and other current topics.

Required Text:  "Molecular Genetics of Bacteria" second edition, by L.
Snyder and W. Champness. ASM Press.

Assignments: Reading research articles, homework, questions on the

Exams/Papers: Three exams (including final), homework.