Biology | Molecular Biology, Honors
S211 | 1454 | Bender, A

Course Format:  9:05A-9:55A, MWF, plus one three-hour lab section each

Course Requirements:  L112.  Recommended – Chem 341 concurrently.

Course description: The plan is for the class as a whole to produce a
Web-based resource that contains rather thorough explanations of 1)
main reasons that students would like to learn anything about nucleic
acids and proteins (e.g., explanations of what students want to be
able to accomplish with such knowledge), and 2) concepts concerning
nucleic acids and proteins that students judge to be particularly useful.
Most of the MWF class-meeting time will be spent in small-group and
whole-class discussions. In the lab-section meetings, students will
conduct an analysis of their own design and will write up a report of
that analysis.

Required Text:  No specific text is required.

Weekly Assignments:  There will be writing assignments due for most
class meetings.  Many of the assignments will involve writing comments
about other students’ writings.
Exams/Papers:  There will be no exams.