Biology | Invertebrate Laboratory
Z375 | 1460 | Cotten, C

Course Format: Laboratory: 1:00P-5:00P, R, JH 129, plus time outside
of lab as necessary to write up reports.

Prerequisites:  Pre-or corequisite - Biol Z374.

Course Description: Laboratory and field observations of local
invertebrates, with an emphasis on studies and experiments involving
living animals.  Learning about writing scientific reports is an
important part of the course.

Required Text:  "A Short Guide to Writing About Biology", fourth
edition by Jan A. Pechenik. "Fossils: A Guide to Prehistoric Life", by
F.H.T. Rhodes et al. "Pond Life", by G.K. Reid.

Weekly Assignments: Laboratory notebook entries detailing each week's

Exams/Papers: Five formal reports based on lab exercises. No exams.