Criminal Justice-COAS | Theories of Crime and Deviance
P200 | 2881 | 0100 Oliver

This course provides a general overview of the major theories
constructed to explain crime and social deviance. Among the core
issues that will be addressed throughout the course include: How is
crime defined? What are the trends and patterns in the crime rate?
Why are members of racial minority groups disproportionately
represented among crime victims and offenders? What is unique about
female criminal offending and victimization? How is substance abuse
related to criminal offending? What works to prevent crime?

Required texts include:

Siegel, Larry J. (2004). Criminology- Theories, Patterns and
Typologies. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.


Performance will be determined based on scores on three hourly
examinations and a final examination.

Class meeting:  11:15-12:30, TuTh

Instructor:  Professor William Oliver, criminal justice department