Criminal Justice-COAS | Sex Offenders
P300 | 2926 | 0008 Noble

Course Description:  The focus of this course will be examination of
a wide range of topics related to sex offenders.  Such issue as:
theories of deviance, sex crimes, sex addiction, pedophilia,
adolescent offenders, rape and sexual assault, criminal justice
response, predator laws, risk assessment, and treatment of offenders
will be discussed.
The format of the course will be lecture/discussion and review of
relevant videos.
The content will be of special interest to future investigators,
prosecutors, police officers, probations, and treatment
specialists.  Background in criminal justice, sociology, psychology,
and counseling will be helpful.

Required Reading: Holmes and Holmes, Sex Crimes: Patterns and
Behavior, 2nd Edition, Sage, 2002

Class meeting:  M, 5:45-8:15P

Instructor:  R. Dwight Noble, criminal justice department