Criminal Justice-COAS | Feminist Justice
P493 | 2953 | 0009 Pepinsky

This intensive writing seminar is on Feminist Justice, with the
special topicóChildren's Rights and Safety.  The seminar will focus
violence against children, on legal response to the violence, and on
how survivors of the violence heal.  The class will feature guest
presenters, including legal authorities, professionals, survivors of
incest, ritual abuse and mind control programming, and child

Readings:  T.I.S. Reader

Requirements:  Weekly assignments will be given, specifying classroom
discussion, readings, and issues to be covered for up to a total of 5
points each.  On the grading scale, 50 points total will be required
to earn a grade of "Satisfactory" for intensive writing, and to be in
the range to earn an A for the class.

Class Meeting:	One 150-minute seminar each week (T, 5:45-8:15P)

Topic:	Children's rights and safety

Course Will Satisfy:  CJUS major 400-level requirement
		      COAS Intensive Writing Credit which requires
registration in COAS W333

Instructor:  Professor Hal Pepinsky, Criminal Justice Department