Classical Studies | Greek Myth in Film
C350 | 25456 | Nagle

Greek Myth in Film
CLAS-C350 ,  25456 ,   Nagle

We will consider some film versions of ancient Greek myths, by
reading Greek literary versions of them, and viewing films.  For
example, we might read (parts of) Homer's Odyssey, and then watch
segments of “Ulysses” (starring Kirk Douglas) and “O Brother, Where
Art Thou;” read Euripides' tragedy Medea and Apollonius' epic
Argonautica, and watch segments of Jason and the Argonauts,
Pasolini's “Medea,” and “A Dream of Passion” (Melina Mercouri's last
film).  We might consider treatments of Heracles in the “Hercules”
(starring Mr. Universe, Steve Reeves), “Hercules in New York”
(Arnold Schwarzenegger's first film), and Disney's
animated “Hercules.”  We might consider two different films
titled “Helen of Troy,” the “major motion picture” from the 1950's
and the USA Network miniseries from 2004.  C205 Classical Mythology
is a prerequisite, but if you are interested in taking this course
and have not taken C205, please contact me ( to
discuss whether you have the equivalent experience, or would be
willing to do some extra reading (before or during the course) to
get the necessary background.