Classical Studies | Problems in Classical Civilization
C494 | 2987 | Glowacki

C494: Topic: The Athenian Acropolis: Myth, Memory, and Meaning (3
credit hours) This section open to majors only

11:15 A -12:30 P Tuesday and Thursdays  Location to be announced.

INSTRUCTOR: Prof. K. Glowacki (

In this capstone seminar for undergraduate majors in the Department
of Classical Studies, we will examine the Athenian Acropolis in
light of several key themes in contemporary research: the role(s) of
the state sanctuary in the Greek polis; the significance of the
Acropolis and its cults within the "sacred landscape" of ancient
Athens; the religious, social, and political implications of votive
offerings and monumental architecture; and the use of myth and
history in what can be termed the "archaeology of memory". A large
part of the semester will be devoted to the Acropolis in the Archaic
Period (c. 750-480 B.C.). Course requirements will include frequent
article reviews, seminar reports (including oral presentations), and
a research paper.

PREREQUISITES: Major in Classical Civilization, Greek, or Latin;
Junior or Senior status, Departmental authorization.

REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: Robin F. Rhodes, Architecture and Meaning on the
Athenian Acropolis. Other required readings will be placed on

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (if you can still find it): J. Hurwit, The
Acropolis: History, Mythology, and Archaeology from the Neolithic
Era to the Present (Cambridge 1999).