Comparative Literature | Introduction to Popular Culture
C151 | 3201 | Kevin West

Note: This topic is for this section of C151 only; other sections
with other instructors will have different topics.

C151 section 3201
TR 11:15-12:30 BH 138
K. West

Conspiracy and Popular Culture

In this section, we will investigate the abiding, even growing
popularity of “conspiratorial thinking” in American popular culture.
From The X Files to The Da Vinci Code, alternative explanations of
the “real” meaning of history and of who’s “really” in charge force
us to confront the grounds by which we ever know what’s “really”
going on. They also force us to consider the relationships between
fiction, history, politics, and power. Our reading and viewing will
be challenging at times, dizzying at others, but such will prove the
means by which we come to understand the attractiveness and
relevance of paranoid interpretation.

Requirements will include midterm and final exams, an online reading
journal, one short essay, and regular class attendance and