E104 25356 Comparative Slavery (Assensoh) (S & H) (3 cr.)

This course treats slavery as a historical and political entity. Our goals include a thorough discussion of the peculiarity of slavery within its comparative context, with an emphasis on socio-geographic dimensions. The following queries are raised for discussion: How has the practice of slavery evolved from its beginning to its present form in the modern world? Has slavery functioned in differently in different societies? What is the relationship between slavery and other social institutions? Is there a "classic" form of slavery? The course is structured in such a way that students are expected to benefit from the lectures, course readings, and the weekly class discussions.

Students are introduced to several aspects of classical and modern- type of enslavement worldwide. To be taught partly as a lecture course, there is also extensive student-professor classroom discussions. Students are provided notes in varied forms.

There will be a short mid-term exam and also a final paper (or a final exam, depending on what students and the professor agree upon).