COAS-X 211 25384
Human Rights: International Perspectives

This course meets in the Global Village Living-Learning Center (Foster-Martin).

This course introduces students to human rights from an interdisciplinary perspective. We will focus on the broad and diverse range of issues related to human rights with a special focus on international human rights politics. Some of the central topics we will be discussing are: the philosophical foundations of human rights in different cultures, the modern human rights movement, civil and political rights, economic and social rights, and human rights organizations. We will also spend time studying and discussing some of the controversies surrounding the pursuit of human rights at the international level. Some of these issues include: the conflicts and tension that sometimes exist between human rights and other values and concerns, globalization and human rights, and women’s rights.

The class combines lectures, class discussions, films and group work. Since this is an overview course that covers a number of different topics, the assignments and requirements of the class are designed in order to give students the opportunity to focus on the issues that they are interested in most.

The instructor is Noha Shawki, a Ph.D. student in Political Science. Noha has previously taught other courses on human rights to IU students.