East Asian Languages and Cultures | Mandarin for Dialect Speakers
C330 | 25623 | Chen

P: Reading and writing skills in modern Chinese

This course is designed for students who already have reading and
writing skills in the Chinese language, but can only speak one of
the distinct dialects such as Cantonese.  Class meets 3 hours a
week, with a heavy emphasis on the Standard Mandarin
Phonetic/Romanization system (Pinyin), pronunciation, listening
comprehension, and oral expressions.  During the course, systematic
comparisons and contrasts of the sound and syntactic systems between
the dialects and Mandarin will be highlighted through daily-life
conversations and social-issue discussions.  Students will gain
fluency & accuracy in Mandarin.

Active participation in class is expected.  Grades will be based on
daily performance, assignments, quizzes, tests.