East Asian Languages and Cultures | Japanese Literature I
E321 | 24246 | Sarra

No prerequisites; knowledge of Japanese language is not necessary,
though some interest in, and enthusiasm for, Japanese literature is

This lecture/discussion course provides the student with the
opportunity to read a range of largely narrative texts dating from
the eleventh through the twentieth centuries, each important to the
Japanese literary tradition. All works will be read in English
translation and with special attention to issues of gender,
narration, and the connections between pre-modern and the
contemporary Japanese literary, political, and religious discourses.
The course will also introduce the student to feminist and
narratological approaches to literature. Students will be evaluated
on the basis of daily participation in the class discussions, one
short oral presentation, two short papers, and a final essay exam.

I take the matter of participation in class quite seriously and so
should you: regular input from you reveals what you have read and
how well; it also provides you with the opportunity to learn and to
practice skills of critical interpretation and dialogue, and,
finally, it makes the class more meaningful for everyone.