East Asian Languages and Cultures | Japanese Families
E350 | 3901 | Cornell

"Japanese Families" will introduce students to the study of Japan
from the perspective of sociology. It will center on one of the
major policy questions in contemporary Japan "Why do Japanese
families have so few children?" If birth rates in Japan remain as
low as they are today the Japanese people could disappear entirely
within three centuries, a situation unprecedented in human history.
To investigate this question we need to ask about the history of
families in Japan, about housing in the Japanese landscape, about
gender roles, about women's and men's opportunities in the
workplace, about housework, about child care, and about care of the

The course will use a variety of material to explore these issues,
including articles, books, videos and explorations of one's own
personal experiences with these issues.

Students will be expected to take three short tests and to complete
a research paper at the end of the semester.

Returning women and men students are especially invited to take this
course, even if they have no experience with Japan or Asia.