East Asian Languages and Cultures | Seminar in East Asian Studies Scholarship
E604 | 25622 | Robinson

This reading seminar is designed for and required of graudate
students in EALC but open to others with background on East Asia.
The goals of this course are: 1/ to orient advanced graduate
students to a broad survey perspective on both traditional and
modern cultural histories of China, Japan, and Korea; 2/ introduce
students to scholarship that has been deeply influential in the
development of the field of East Asian studies in the second half of
the twentieth century; 3/ to expose students to some basic
theoretical perspectives that currentlyt shape contemporary acadmic
research in a variety of different fields (social science, history,
philosophy, religion, and cultural studies) within East Asian

We will devote our time to regorous discussion of weekly readings.
Discussion will be shaped by student reading responses weekly.
There will also be several short paper assignments focused on themes
or readings of particular importance.