East Asian Languages and Cultures | The World of Anime & Manga
J491 | 25661 | Watt

P: grade of C or higher in J302 or equivalent proficiency

This course is intended mainly for undergraduate students who have
completed the third year of Japanese or above or those who have an
equivalent proficiency level in Japanese.  Students who are
registered for fourth-year Japanese will find it ideal to take this
course simultaneously.

Although the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing
will be taught, more emphasis will be placed on speaking and
listening. Excerpts from animated films by Miyazaki Hayao and others
will be viewed mainly in class.  However, from time to time ,
students may need to view animated films outside of class as well.
The analysis and discussion will center around the cultural issues
presented in the films. We will also read manga, paying attention to
language uses and the features unique to manga. We will examine the
special characteristics of manga writing and discuss issues
presented in the stories

Students will be evaluated on their preparation for and
participation in class. There will be frequent short quizzes that
will cover mainly listening and reading comprehension. Students will
be required to complete a course project.