English | Studies in English Language
G405 | 5060 | Eugene Kintgen

Studies in English Language

2:30p-4:00p MW (5 students) 3 CR.

PREREQUISITE: G205 OR equivalent.

Above section meets with G601

TOPIC: “Old English”

The goal of G405 is to prepare students to read Old English prose
and poetry with the help of a dictionary.  The first half of the
course will be devoted to learning the necessary grammar; the
second, to reading interesting selections in prose and three or four
poems including “Caedmon’s Hymn,” “The Wanderer,” “The Seafarer,”
and “The Dream of the Rood.”  “The Battle of Bunanburh,” a poem in
the Old English Chronicle, will be the basis of a paper evaluating
different translations.  There will be an in-class midterm on
grammar and translation and a take-home final on the readings from
the second half of the course.