English | English Poetry of the Early Seventeenth Century
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English Poetry of the Early Seventeenth

1:25p-2:15p MWF (30 students) 3 CR. - Satisfies A&H Distribution

This course focuses on the life in writing of John Donne, especially
his poems about human and divine love.  We'll also examine Donne's
poetic satires and verse letters to patrons and relevant selections
of his prose that further illuminate the social and intellectual
context in which he wrote.  From Donne's poetry, we'll turn to that
of Herbert and Jonson, his contemporaries, and then to that of
Marvell as well.  Occasionally we’ll use other writers' work for
comparative purposes, but the emphasis of the course will be on
depth and detail rather than breadth of reading.  The analysis of
poetry will be the staple of classes and daily participation will be
required.  Writing will include a midterm, a comprehensive final,
and several other assignments, ranging from essays to in-class
exercises.  It would be helpful for you to have taken L202 before
enrolling in this class.