Writing Fiction

4:00p-5:15p TR (15 students) 3 CR.

PREREQUISITE: W103 or W203 (or equivalent). Above section requires permission of instructor. Obtain authorization from BH 442.

This creative writing workshop will focus on the short story. Each student will write 3 short stories during the semester, approximately 10-15 pages in length, as well as short written critiques of stories from an anthology and stories written by fellow students. One story must be significantly revised. The text for the course will probably be Best American Short Stories 2003.

To apply for admission, place a 10-15 page writing sample in my mailbox in BH 442, along with a cover sheet listing your name, email address, previous creative writing classes and names of AIís, plus a brief paragraph stating your reasons for wishing to enroll in this class. Apply early, well before your registration date. It may be several weeks before I can notify you of acceptance. Once admitted, you will need to get an on-line authorization from a secretary in Ballantine Hall 442.