Fine Arts | Wartime America: Art & Culture from the Civil War to the Present (2nd 8 weeks course)
A200 | 28935 | Backer

2nd 8 weeks course.

The wars of the past 150 years, periods of dramatic upheaval, have
shaped America, its people, and its place in the world
immeasurably.  How did Americans experience these tumultuous
periods?  How did wars affect the place of Americans, particularly
minorities, in society?  In an attempt to address these questions,
this course will examine all kinds of American art relating to war,
including but not limited to propaganda, documentary photography,
popular satire, the fine arts, and war memorials.  By examining
diverse art historical sources, this class aims to uncover the
history of wartime America, including the experience of all
Americans, from soldiers on the front to women at home, from the
cultured elite to underprivileged minorities.