Fine Arts | Art of the Roman Empire from Augustus to Constantine
A312 | 25923 | Van Voorhis

This course a 2nd 8 weeks course ONLY.

This course will investigate the visual culture of ancient Rome and
its territories from the emergence of Augustus as sole leader of the
empire in 31 B.C. to the death of the emperor Constantine in A.D.
337.  In the course we will explore the full repertoire of Roman
artistic production, including architecture, sculpture, painting,
and so-called “minor arts.”  Issues of artistic style, production
technique, patronage, and function will be examined in order to
reconstruct both how works of art operated within the fabric of
Roman society and how they appeared to the ancient Roman viewer.
The relationship between the art of Rome and that of its
forerunners, neighbors, and provinces will also be addressed, as
will the influence of Roman artistic forms in later art historical