Fine Arts | Research Sources in Art History
A575 | 5513 | Irvine

This course is required for all entering Masterís students in Art
History.  Other interested graduate and undergraduate students
require permission of the instructor before enrolling.
	This course is a general introduction to library research
which includes an overview of indexing concepts relevant to the use
of library catalogs, national bibliographies, library catalogs of
major research institutions, and serial and dissertation indexes in
the humanities.  It includes a review of art historical and related
bibliographies, indexing sources, museum and exhibition guides, art
library catalogs in the U.S. and Europe, slide and photo archives
collections, archival sources and art publishers and distributors.
All major art historical references sources are covered.  The goal
of this course is to provide the student with the appropriate
background necessary to conduct library research on art and related
topics in an effective and efficient manner.  The format of the
course is through lectures.
	Assignments, Tests, Grades: Card catalog study questions;
final assignment is development of a comprehensive bibliography on a
topic of research relevant to the student.  There are no exams and
attendance is required.