Fine Arts | Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design II
S381 | 5638 | Obermeier J

S381 Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design II
Prerequisite:  S280

Offered every semester.

This course is designed to advance studentsí technical and design
skills in the area of jewelry and metalsmithing, techniques covered
will include angle raising, planishing, forging, decorative surface
techniques, working with plastics, casting, and limited production
jewelry design.  Projects are introduced through slide lectures of
historic and contemporary metalwork, jewelry, ceramics, and
sculpture.  Emphasis is placed on creative thinking, development of
studentsí technical skills and problem solving abilities,
craftsmanship and personal growth.

The purpose of this course is to expand the studentsí technical
skills and creative concepts in a manner that will encourage and
enable them to utilize metal as a medium for artistic expression.

The class format includes slide lectures, demonstrations, critiques,
experimental research, and required projects, all in a studio

Assignments, Tests, and Grades:  Assignments include angle raised
vessel, jewelry or object study that utilizes images, three works,
limited production jewelry project, cast project, forged sample or
project.  Critiques are held.  Grades are based on attitude, effort,
creativity, innovativeness, content of work, design concepts,
contribution to class critiques, work inside and outside of class,
craftsmanship and quality of finished projects.

A lab fee is charged.  Visit the Office of the Bursar for the most
up-to-date listing of lab fees: