Fine Arts | Printmaking III Silkscreen
S444 | 5651 | Calman W

S444 Printmaking III Silkscreen

This is a general description based on an academic year semester.
It is intended as a guide.  Your instructor will provide you with
specific course requirements.

Advanced silkscreen, also for graduate printmaking students and
graduate non-majors.  Emphasis on more comprehensive, long term
projects; introduction of mixed media with continuing emphasis on
drawing as communication tool and developing personal imagery though
use of medium.

The goals of the course are to enable students to clearly express
ideas through silkscreen and drawing; to develop a good critical and
visual vocabulary and to refine skills in medium to maximum latitude.

Assignments, Tests, Grades:  Student works on contract basis; if not
proceeding according to agreed expectations by midterm, assignments
are given.  Class and individual critiques are held and grades are
determined by quality of work, attendance, general attitude, and

Attendance is mandatory.

A lab fee is charged.  Please visit
for fee details.