Folklore | Korean Folklore
F305 | 5749 | Janelli

Description and Objectives.  This course has two objectives.  The
first is to acquaint students with the study of past and present
Korean folk culture.  Topics include: material culture, family and
kinship, popular religion, performing arts, weddings, and efforts to
preserve, revitalize, and "construct" traditions in situations of
rapid social change.  As part of a liberal arts curriculum, the
course has a second objective of helping students to enhance their
skills in interpreting cultures and thereby develop more informed
understandings of the various ways of life found throughout the world.

The two objectives are pursued through assigned readings, lectures,
videos, slides, class discussions, and individual reflection.  The
topics of the readings and audiovisual material are varied and deal
with diverse topics, but all are devoted to folklore as a means of
identifying, interpreting, or representing Korean traditions or
expressive creativity.

Grading Policies. Grades are determined as follows:
(a) Three examinations (25% each)
(b) Ten weekly 1-page 250-300 word) synopses of reading assignments
(20% total)
(c) Participation in class discussions (5%)
(d) Points may be added to the semester's average for optional book