Folklore | Methods and Theories
F401 | 5754 | Tuohy

This course introduces students to central theories and methods
in the two fields composing our department, Folklore and
Ethnomusicology.  While these fields share a common focus on forms of
artistic performance and expressive culture, they also diverge from
one another in important ways. The course is designed to engage
students in a dialogue that explores both the common ground and some
key areas of difference of the two fields by delving into their
histories and current research paradigms; basic concepts such as
community, tradition, genre, and performance; methods for research
and analysis; and the issues associated with presenting and
representing people in public settings. 	Among the primary
objectives of the course is to identify the contributions folklore
and ethnomusicology offer to our study and understanding of social
processes, artistic practices, and creativity in the world around
us.  A substantial portion of the course will be conducted in a
seminar format that will allow ample time for class discussion of the
materials.  We also will explore the resources available to students
at I.U. and beyond in relation to educational and career
	Class materials will consist of textbooks, articles available
through e-reserves, and multi-media resources.  The final grade will
be based on a combination of written assignments, exams, and class
preparation/participation. Written guidelines for these assignments
will be discussed in class. Students with interests in particular
topics will find opportunities to pursue them in the research

Required for majors and minors in the Department of Folklore &