Folklore | Arts, Crafts, and Commerce
F440 | 27712 | Jackson

Rooted in the concerns of folklore studies, but expanding into the
adjacent fields of cultural geography, archaeology, anthropology, and
art history, this course will explore the place of material culture,
including the built landscape, in the human social experience.  We
will examine the ways in which the things people make and acquire;
use and discard, can inform our understandings of society and culture—
both our own and those of other times or places.  While we will
consider the full range of human engagement with the material world,
special attention will be given to expressive forms and to hand-made
objects, their makers, and the contexts in which they are used and
circulated.  Despite this focus on those kinds of objects that are
often classified as “art” or “craft”, we will also study the manner
in which individuals creatively and expressively fashion their own
lives with the kinds of industrially produced goods emblematic of our
current moment in global history.