Folklore | Music in African Life
F609 | 25689 | Reed

Meets with F301.  An extraordinary diversity of cultural and musical
expression exists in Africa.  This course will survey that diversity,
focusing on ways Africans create, perform, think about and use music
in their lives.  We will study select regional styles of music in
Africa while attending to translocal, transnational, and global
cultural and musical exchanges in which Africans participate.  We
will explore traditional and popular musics in relationship to social
and historical contexts, music’s profound interlinkages with other
arts, performers’ roles, musical instruments, aesthetics, music and
politics, music and religion, music and identity, and other issues
central to the scholarship of music in Africa.   Students will be
required to complete a midterm exam that includes listening and essay
questions, as well as a paper or a website on a topic to be chosen in
consultation with the instructor.