Folklore | Identity and the Internet
F755 | 26426 | Janelli

Description and Objectives.   Recent years have witnessed a
resurgence of interest in the concept of identity.  After the concept
had nearly been dismissed from contemporary social theory, the rise
of identity politics in the United States, resurgence of nationalism
in post-socialist countries, globalization, feminism, and other
developments have fostered a new recognition of the importance of
this concept.  Simultaneously, the rise of the Internet in recent
years has fostered a growing literature on this medium as a means of
communicating, expressing, defining, and negotiating multiple
identities.  This seminar will explore the recent literature on the
concept of identity as well as writings about the Internet and its
use as a means of identity expression.


1.  Submit a series of one-page (250-word) synopses identifying and
discussing the main point(s) of each of the assigned readings prior
to their discussion in class on Mondays, together with two written
questions for class discussion on that day.  These submissions will
be graded and will contribute 25% of the course grade.
2.  Contribute to seminar discussions (25%)
3.  Present a draft of a research paper on a relevant topic of your
choice and endure 20 minutes of constructive criticism from the rest
of the class (25%)
4.  Submit a final research paper of about 20 to 30 pages (25%).