Germanic Languages | Deutsch: Mittelstufe I
G300 | 6134-6137 | Langjahr

G300    Deutsch: Mittelstufe I (3 cr.) Langjahr	
Prerequisite: G250 or G106 with a minimum grade of C-.
This course is designed to prepare students for subsequent 300-level
work in German language, literature, and culture, and a variety of
texts from these areas will be read. In their oral and written
responses to the readings, it is expected that students will
demonstrate a growing awareness of–and sensitivity to–German culture
and express their ideas in a manner consistent with advanced
language work. Each student should own a good German-English /
English-German dictionary as well as a standard reference grammar.

Texts:   Kaminer, Wladimir. "Russendisko". ISBN: 3442541751.
Publisher: Goldmann.

Wells, Morewedge. "Mitlesen Mitteilen, Literarische Texte zum Lesen,
Sprechen, Schreiben und Hören"