Germanic Languages | German Film Culture
G390 | 24998 | Breger

G 390: German film culture (3 cr) (jointlisted with Communication
and Culture – as C 398)

Topic: German Histories on Screen, 1919-2004

This course offers an introduction to German cinema. We will watch
films belonging to different genres, both popular and experimental,
from the era of silent film to the beginning of the 21st century.
Thematically, we will focus on the representation of German history.
Or rather German histories: Filmmakers with different backgrounds
(for example from Nazi Germany, East and West Germany, with
mainstream, feminist, and minority perspectives) have focussed their
historical imagination on very different events and people. Thus, we
will get to watch Prussian kings, socialist heroes (and anti-
heroes), Turkish-German immigrants, West German terrorists and many
other, more or less ordinary people. We will discuss why, and in
which ways, these particular people and events are portrayed. In
doing so, we will learn about how films help to create historical
memories and group identities.
There will be a weekly film showing. Readings will provide
background information on German film and history, as well as
introduce students to key aspects of film theory. Assignments will
include academic papers and a creative group project (probably the
production of a short film). The course is offered for students
interested in both Germanic Studies and/or film, and will be taught
in English.

The German Cinema Book. Ed. Tim Bergfelder, Erica Carter and Deniz
Göktürk. British Film Institute 2002.
A course reader.