Germanic Languages | Gothic
G632 | 24992 | Kari Gade

4:00P-5:00P / MW
BH 664

The aims of G632 are twofold: to provide an introduction to
historical Germanic linguistics and to present a treatment of the
phonology and morphology of Gothic, the oldest Germanic language
recorded in connected texts. We shall trace the phonological and
morphological developments from Proto Indo-European to Gothic, and
comparative evidence from the other Germanic languages (Old Norse,
Old English, Old Saxon, Old High German) will be used to highlight
the discussion. Instruction will be through lectures supplemented by
background reading. Class activity will involve discussion of
readings plus translation and linguistic analysis of Gothic texts.
The grade will be based on class participation, an oral report, a
midterm, and a final exam.

Braune, Wilhelm: Gotische Grammatik: Tübingen: Niemeyer.