Gender Studies | Gender and Discourse: Imagined Spaces: The Discourse of Gender, Geography, and the Body
G485 | 27935 | Weber, Brenda

In this class we will think more carefully about a rising field of
critical study:  feminist geography.  Throughout the semester, we
will move from more concrete considerations of gender and space
(through the politics of commemoration and textual mobility) to more
theoretical discussions (semiotics and the construction of language,
thought, and desire).  In all of the readings we will pay particular
attention to the way body’s own space is imagined and articulated.
Our consideration will be interdisciplinary, with fiction, non-
fiction, film, and academic materials making up the core of our
readings.  Sample texts include:  Eliza Potter’s  A Hairdresser’s
Experience in High Life;  Doreen Massey’s Space, Place, and Gender,
and sections from the anthologies BodySpace and Mapping Desire.
Assignments will include each student developing a research project
and annotated bibliography, as well as a class presentation and