Gender Studies | Gender and Discourse: Bill, Hill, and other Bodies Politic
G485 | 6225 | Malti-Douglas, Fedwa

How do we visualize major American political figures?  How does the
gender component influence these images?  This course will examine
both male and female players on the American political scene and
analyze their portrayals in various media.

From presidents through first ladies, from governors through
senators, the investigation of the body politic will take place
through comic strips, political cartoons, television parodies,
satirical writings, and so on.  We shall attempt to evaluate how
popular representations and writings affect our collective
imaginary  and ultimately our political ideals.  Readings will
include collections of political cartoons, satirical writings
attributed to major political figures, comic strips, and other
visual media, including art and photography (as well as some
theoretical works).