History | History of Latinos in U.S. Education
A300 | 26962 | Nieto-Phillips

A portion of the above section reserved for majors
Above section meets with LATS-L 396 and LTAM-L 526

This course will probe the educational experiences of Latinas and
Latinos in the United States. How have English-only language
policies, immigration experiences, and “Americanization” programs
affected Latina/o students since the 1840s? What do Latino
communities have in common with Native Americans, African Americans,
and immigrants in the United States?  What makes Latinos’
experiences similar to, yet “different” from, other groups? What
is “gendered curriculum?” These and other questions will be the
subject of our class multi-media lectures, films, student-led
discussions, and oral history projects. Reading and writing
assignments will be substantial. We will explore the best and
latest writings on Latinas and Latinos in education, as well as two
autobiographical novels that give us a glimpse into the daily lives
of Latina and Latino students. Grades will be based on class
participation, an oral history research project, and two on-line