History | Antisemitism in Europe Since the Enlightenment
B300 | 6508 | Roseman

The course addresses major issues in the history of Anti-Semitism in
Europe from the late 18th century to the post-Holocaust era.  The
term anti-Semitism did not exist until the 1870s, and so a core
question within the course will be whether the second half of the
19th Century constituted a major point of discontinuity,
transforming older European traditions of Christian hostility
towards Judaism into a largely secular and often racially based anti-
Semitism.  Or does the new label of 'anti-Semitism' create a
misleading sense of novelty and unity, concealing the continuing
heterogeneity and diversity of a variety of anti-Jewish movements?
Another key theme of the course is understanding the degree to which
the Holocaust was the heir to European anti-Semitism.  Finally, we
will ask in what forms anti-Semitism survived in Europe after the

Two texts are required purchase:
ANTI-SEMITISM,  by Robert S. Wistrich (Author)
	Hardcover: Publisher: Pantheon Books; Reprint edition (July
28, 1992)
	ASIN: 0679409467

The Jew in the Modern World: A Documentary History, by Paul R.
Mendes-Flohr (Editor), Jehuda Reinharz (Editor) Product Details
	Paperback: Publisher: Oxford University Press; 2nd edition
(May 1995)
	ISBN: 019507453X

The other readings will be on the e-reserve list for this course.

There will be a midterm, a final exam, and two writing assignments
responding to the reading.