History | American History I
H105 | 6560 | Gamber

This course introduces you to major political, economic, and social
developments in America from European settlement to the Civil War.
It also serves as an introduction to historical inquiry and
analysis. We will focus on two key themes: (1) multiple narratives,
the varying ways in which different Americans experienced and
interpreted the same events and (2) the ways in which various people
and movements continued to draw on the ideas and language of the
American Revolution, long after the Revolution was over.

Requirements:  regular attendance and participation; two short
papers (about 1000-1,500 words each); two midterm examinations and a
final examination (all in essay format).

Alan Brinkley, "The Unfinished Nation"
Mary Rowlandson, "The Sovereignty and Goodness of God"
Alfred F. Young, "The Shoemaker and the Tea Party"
Frederick Douglass, "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass"
Plus several short documents available on e-reserve or the web.