History | Medieval Civilization
H206 | 25609 | Deliyannis

Above section carries culture studies credit

What do we mean by "Medieval Civilization"?  The European "Middle
Ages" is a concept developed by scholars in the Renaissance and
later to describe the historical period from the fall of the Roman
empire to the "rediscovery" of classical thought and art in the
fifteenth century. Chronologically, the Middle Ages spans more than
a thousand years (from approximately 400 to 1500 AD), and covers the
many different political, cultural, and ethnic communities of
Europe.  There was not one medieval civilization, but many medieval
civilizations, related in some ways to each other, but distinct and
constantly changing.  This class will be an introduction to the
history of the Middle Ages through its culture and ways of life.

Because the period to be covered is so vast, we will focus our
attention on six moments in time and space that are representative
of some of the communities of the Middle Ages. We will look at
villages and cathedral towns, monasteries and manor houses, and for
each, we will consider who lived in the community, what activities
they took part in, what the community  looked like physically, and
what aspects of medieval life, politics, and culture are represented

Assignments:  five short (2-3 page) papers, midterm, final exam.