History | Problems in East European Historiography
H645 | 6626 | Bucur

This course offers an introduction to 14 important themes in the
history of Eastern Europe during the modern period.  We will examine
critically the assumptions imbedded in the standard historiography
of this area and some of the challenges that have emerged out of
different methodological and theoretical concerns over the past
decade.  Topics covered will extend from definitions of Eastern
Europe to the development of cultural nationalism and the role of
churches in this process, the peasant problem, the development of
the professional intelligentsia since the nineteenth century,
nationalism and communism, and dissidence under communism.  The
specific questions we will address range from the political to the
social, cultural, and economic realms.

This course is required for all those who want to major or minor in
the East European field and will most likely be offered again in