History | America in the Twentieth Century
H650 | 6627 | Bodnar

-This course is a colloquium that will focus on major issues
concerning the politics and culture of America in the twentieth
century.  Topics will include the rise of state power,
militarization and the various wars of the period, the changing
nature of liberalism and nationalism, gender issues, race, class,
the rise of a new conservatism, mass culture and film.  Key readings
will include John Bodnar, "Blue-Collar Hollywood:  Liberalism,
Democracy and Working People in American Film", Lizabeth Cohen, "A
Consumerís Republic", Michael Denning, "The Cultural Front", John
DíEmilio and Estelle Freedman, "Intimate Matters:  A History of
Sexuality in America", Mary Dudziak, "Cold War Civil Rights", David
Farber, "The Age of Great Dreams", Gary Gerstle, "American
Crucible", Linda Gordon, "Pitied But Not Entitled:  Single Mothers
and the History of Welfare", Jonathan Schoenwald, "A Time for
Choosing:  The Rise of American Conservatism", Richard
Slotkin, "Gunfighter Nation" and many more.  The course will be
structured around weekly readings, student reports, and discussion.
Film selections will be included as relevant.  Students will
ultimately prepare a theoretical essay offering a rationale for an
undergraduate course on America in the twentieth century and a
course syllabus.