History | Problems-Pop Culture-18th Century Japan
H675 | 6631 | Rubinger

This seminar will look at Western historiography of early modern
Japan with particular, but not exclusive, attention to the
eighteenth century. During the first half of the semester students
will read and discuss some of the major works of eighteenth century
history, one book each week. Some of the titles include Herman
Ooms’ "Tokugawa Village Practice", Thomas Smith's "Agrarian Origins
of Modern Japan", Maruyama Masao's Studies in the Intellectual
History of Tokugawa Japan, as well as my own manuscript, "Literacy
in Japanese History", which has two chapters on the eighteenth
century. The second half of the semester will be devoted to student
reports on their own research projects. These will culminate in
major research papers by the end of the semester.

Credit given for only one of EALC E600 and HIST H675 on this topic.