History | Seminar in History
J300 | 6648 | Parker

TOPIC:  U.S./Middle East Relations

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This is an intensive writing class that will explore the major
themes of American interactions with the Middle East since the end
of the First World War.  We will examine the complex and myriad
relationships between the United States government and its peoples
with the governments and peoples of the Middle East.  Class readings
and discussions will focus on the cultural, political, military,
diplomatic, and economic aspects of these relationships with an
emphasis on the historianís craft.  Additionally, since this is an
intensive writing class, each student will investigate a topic of
his/her choice and write a major research paper.  Whether it is oil
and American diplomacy, the Arab-Israeli peace process, terrorism,
representations of Arabs in American popular culture, Middle East
influence on American politics, travel interactions of US nationals
abroad, or even American Jewish reaction to terrorism during the
1972 summer Olympics in Munich, this class will provide you the
space and instruction to learn how historians research and write