Honors | Government & Business in East Asia
E204 | 25673 | Scott Kennedy

This course provides an introduction to the relationship between
politics and business in East Asian countries since the end of World
War II. The course first examines the role of the state and other
factors in promoting economic development, and then considers the
extent to which economic development (or the lack of it) has been
responsible for the recent wave of democratization in the region.
The course looks at countries in Northeast Asia (China, Japan,
Korea, Taiwan) and Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia,
Singapore, and the Philippines) in comparative perspective, but also
looks at international and transnational factors. Readings combine
secondary sources, primary documents, and journalistic accounts that
consider these questions from the most general perspective to that
of individual companies and politicians. Assignments include several
short papers, plus a mid-term and final.