Honors | Pressure Points: Contemporary Art that Challenges Us
H300 | 6685 | Heidi Gealt

Fall 2004 Wells/Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar:
H300 (class #6685):  Pressure Points:  Contemporary Art that
Challenges Us
Instructor:  Dr. Adelheid (Heidi) Gealt, Director, IU Art Museum
Tu/Th, 2:30-3:45 p.m.  IU Art Museum, Third Floor Conference Room.
1-credit, 8-weeks course; graded S/F.
The seminar is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors only.
Honors College Permission (authorization) required.
The seminar will begin meeting the week of September 20 and will
conclude the week of November 8. The course will meet on Tuesdays
and Thursdays for the weeks of October 11 and 18 and at least one
other week, but on just one class day a week for the remaining weeks.

The course will look at a range of issues, including personal
identity, pop culture, and cultural stereotyping, as they are raised
by contemporary works of art.  The primary “text” for the course
will be Pressure Points, a special Fall 2004 exhibition of 54 prints
on loan to the IU Art Museum from the renowned Schnitzer
Foundation.  Some of the images are playful, while others are more
disturbing.  All have been created in the past seven years by 23
diverse artists of several nationalities and generations; and in
different ways, they “dare the viewer to think, question, and
react,” as one commentator has noted.  The course will provide an
opportunity to consider other artistic texts as well, including the
IU Benton Murals, which have also generated “pressures” at different
times in their history.

The eight-week course will be taught by Dr. Adelheid (Heidi) Gealt,
director of the IU Art Museum.  For two of those weeks the class
will provide an opportunity to meet and interact with one of the
world’s leading contemporary artists, Robert Colescott, whose work
is included in the exhibition.  Celebrated for addressing issues of
stereotyping, racial iconography, and race in Western culture,
Colescott was the first African American artist to have a solo
exhibition at the prestigious Venice Biennale.  Also participating
in the course will be the exhibition’s organizing curator, the
museum’s curator of education, and several university faculty whose
research and publications cover issues involving art and culture,
race, personal identity, and contemporary society.