Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Gerontology,
C354 | 26153 | Lesa Lorenzen-Huber


Course Description:

This course is an overview of the areas involved in the study of
aging. We will consider the major theoretical approaches and current
research in aging in the following areas:

biology and health, psychology, sociology, and social policy.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course, you should be able:

To understand the basic terms and concepts in multidisciplinary
To explain the inter-relatedness of biological, psychological, and
social aspects of aging
To  identify and understand societal and individual consequences of
demographic changes in an aging society
To explain major theories of aging
To understand research methods used by gerontologists
To understand and be able to discuss public policies related to aging
To access and use library and electronic data sources on aging
To relate knowledge of aging processes to real life experiences
To translate research on aging to implications for practice with
older adults