Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Human Development I—Conception through early childhood
F346 | 7012 | Maria Schmidt

(3 credits) prerequisites—HPER F150, F258. This course provides an in
depth look at children from conception to age 8, including
examination of prenatal, infant, and early childhood; physical,
cognitive, language, social and emotional characteristics of typical
development. The aim of this course is to present a balance of
theory, application and research findings and to integrate these
aspects of development by presenting a picture of the whole child
situated in realistic, everyday contexts. This course is designed for
students who will be living and working with children as teachers,
parents, child-care providers, nurses, counselors, administrators of
programs, and practitioners in a variety of settings. Therefore, the
course will emphasize current knowledge and theory as well as
applications of this knowledge and theory. Prerequisites--