Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Families and Stress
F457 | 7023 | Kathleen Gilbert


Boss, P. (2002). Family stress management: A contextual approach.
Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Walsh, F. (1998). Strengthening family resilience. New York, NY:


This course is intended to acquaint you with major concepts from the
research, theoretical and clinical literature in the area of family
stress and resilience, with a particular focus on overwhelming
stress. In addition to theoretical models of the process through
which families move in their experience and resolution of stressful
events, we will address stress as an experience of individual family


Examinations (F457 students only)
Undergraduate students (i.e., all students enrolled in F457) have two
exams. Each exam will consist of multiple choice, true false, short
answer, list questions and an essay. Because the course is conceptual
and each piece builds on the previous piece, the second exam assumes
an understanding of the material from the first half of the course
but does not test over it. The examinations are scheduled tentatively

Other sections include: 7024