Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Teaching Childern w/Disabilities in the Outdoors
R100 | 26677 | Jim Rogers

Location:  Bradford Woods
Additional Info:  Food and material fee extra, additional asignment
involving 8 hours of shadow of program (dates TBA)

Description of Course Content:  This course, supported by the Camping
and Retreats Center as well as the Environmental Resource Center at
Bradford Woods, is designed to give students and overview of general
disability awareness as well as to provide both theory and practical
application for teaching childern of all ability levels in the
outdoors.  Upon completion of this course, students will:

1.  Understand the benefits of participation in outdoor education
activites for persons with and without disabilites

2.  Understand different populations of people and considerations for
participation in outdoor programming

3.  Understand the concept of Universal Design

4.  Be able to describe and demonstrate several applications specific
to Universal Design as it relates especially to environmental
education/outdoor programming.

Required Book List:  Required readings to be assigned by the course

Summary of Assignments:  Class attendance/participation,, Population
Analysis, Article Reaction Paper, Class Review Paper.