Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Project Underground: Caves as an Educational Context
R100 | 26681 | Jim Rogers

Location: Bradford Woods

Additional Info:  Food and Material fee extra

Description of Course Content:  This course, supported by the
Environmental Resource Center at Bradford Woods, is designed to
introduce and examine an activity-based K-12 curriculum focused on
caves and karst environments.  Students will also have an opportunity
to explore and investigate a cave and karst topography first-hand.
Upon completion of this course, students will:

1.  Be certified in Project Underground.
2.  Be able to facilitate expeiential activites centered aroun caves
and karst regions in and out of the classroom.
3.  Be able to identify karst resources.
4.  Be able to describe basic cave ecology, incuding; biology,
geology, and hydrology.

Required Book List:  Project Underground-A Natural Resource Education
Guide (Second Edition). Managing Editor:  Carol Zokaites, 1993

Summary of Assignments:  Class Participation, Final Paper